Data Center
ETC is a solution provider and implementation of standards-based data centers.
  • Ensure totality and synchronization in the current data center construction process and future expansion.
  • The solution has an open architecture, easy to integrate and adapt for the physical infrastructure of the data center.
  • The solution uses devices from a hardware vendor, synchronized from rack systems, power devices, cooling devices to security solutions.
  • This solution meets the demand for increased power capacity and high device density
  • We use push-pull cooling solutions that isolate hot and cold air areas, ensure convection in the data center and create high efficiency in cooling, electrical energy saving.
  • Ensure the data center has high availability, flexible scalability, high administration capacity, high security level while ensuring the economy in investment as well as in operation.
  • Our solution allows the investment to follow the demand where the investment goes, optimizing the initial investment as well as the consumable costs in operation.
  • The design is based on the principle of ensuring maximum flexibility and scalability, aligning power needs with data center cooling needs.
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