Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS)
With automatic and intelligent characteristics; payloads for imaging systems and multitasking payloads, the unmanned aerial vehicle was developed to provide the most demanding UAS operators in the fields of Defense, Security, Public Security and Infrastructure Testing, the SkyRanger R70 that create the standard for performance and reliability for small UASs.
  • With advanced transport capabilities, open architecture, automation and advanced artificial intelligence, the R70 is redefining what a small-sized straight up/down (VTOL) UAS can do. The R70's multirole payloads provide intelligence-reconnaissance-surveillance and payload capabilities that were previously limited even to larger UASs.
  • The optical sensor suite includes a StormCaster-T long-wavelength infrared camera, continuous zoom with stable capabilities, exceptional line of sight, range of motion, and precise positioning, the HDZoom 30 camera provides visionary capabilities to the target at a distance; and EO/IR Frontcam front-facing camera for high-definition thermal and day images - streamed & secure to anywhere in the world. With the Osprey, R70 operators can quickly attach and carry objects for resupply, asset search or other specialized missions.
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