System Administration and Operation Services
ETC provides consulting services, designing, deploying information network services to build a system of information network services according to customer requirements.
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System Administration and Operation Services include

Basic management

This service will provide technical support and troubleshooting for all end users in the system including PC/laptop/Thin Client, operating system, anti-virus, data encryption (endpoint security), network connection, printing, ...

Network, servers, storage and security management

Monitor, alert issues early to proactively identify and resolve issues before they can cause system failures and impact your business.

Communication service

Including services such as email, chat, video conference, sms, meeting, ... supporting interactive communication between users in many different locations, service providers ensure system safety, transparent connection.

Cloud system administration service

The service provides administration of cloud systems such as Microsoft 365, Azure, AWS, Veeam Cloud, VMWare Cloud, etc. Common tasks such as creating and adding objects (User, Server ...), close monitoring objects (User, Server...), supporting periodic reports for management.

Data backup and recovery services

Allows customers and businesses to backup data easily, protect data from Ransomware attacks, and help protect all data for businesses.

Systemic maintenance service

Helping customers' server and storage systems to be taken care of monthly and quarterly; Along with measurement, it is supported in troubleshooting timely, ensuring the safe operation of the information system and long life. Prevent some foreseeable risks.
Maintenance activities will include: checking hardware, software, cleaning equipment, reporting status and recommending replacement and upgrade.